Once a periodontal patient, Always a periodontal patient!

If you have gum disease and have had scaling and root planing and/ or periodontal surgery, the regular cleanings that will be recommended to you after those treatments are called periodontal maintenance therapy visits. “Once a Periodontal Patient, Always a Periodontal Patient!” After the disease is brought under control, it is critical that periodontal maintenance be performed regularly. You will need more frequent visits than other patients since the gum pockets, plaque and calculus level make it more difficult fr you to keep the teeth clean below the gum line. Dr. Alford may recommend treatment every three to four months as needed. As you progress towards a healthy and stable gum condition, the frequency may change. It is imperative to have optimum home care with proper tooth brushing, flossing, inter-dental brushes, and use of other aids and rinses we recommend.

Imagine how difficult it would be to chew with missing teeth and the cost to replace missing teeth exceeds preventive treatment. We would like to prevent recurrence and further expense. Our goal is for you to keep your teeth for a lifetime of healthy smiles and not lose any teeth due to decay and periodontal disease!

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